CBSE Practical Examination Tips

CBSE Practical Examination Tips

CBSE Practical Examination Tips

As you know, CBSE practical examinations and project/internal assessment will be conducted for class 10th and class 12th between 1st January, 2020 to 7th February, 2020, you should keep useful tips for practical examinations.

CBSE Board will appoint an observer to supervise the conduct of practical examinations and project assessment in the schools.

You must the following tips for the purpose.

1. You should pay proper attention to the practical examiner.

2. Don’t tell the wrong answer if you don’t know the right one.

3. You should learn the entire pattern of the practical examination.

4. Be confident and don’t be afraid of examination fear. 

5.You should respect the examiner at optimum level. 

6.Prepare well for the practical examination at earliest way. 

7.Eat healthy, sleep well and be tension free. 

8.Complete your all projects in time.  

9.Do more self-study.

10. Revise the subject knowledge before the practical examination.

Best of Luck for the practical examination!

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